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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Season’s Greetings

It’s December 24th here in Vancouver, and so I’m sending Merry Christmas greetings to all who celebrate it – and wishes for peace and joy for all of us!        

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On the Waterfront: Coal Harbour

Last weekend, before the snowfall that would be a non-event in many other locales, we enjoyed crisp and sunny weather that begged for a good, long walk. One of those walks found me photographing Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, which is nestled just a…

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Snow in the Quarry

… in the former quarry, that is. One that we Vancouverites know as Queen Elizabeth Park. This is a lovely spot for nature lovers, and equally popular with locals wanting to show off our city to visitors. That’s because, in…

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First Snowfall

While many have perceptions of Canada as a year-round winter wonderland, that’s not the case throughout our country. Here in Vancouver, snow on the mountains is not uncommon in the winter months. Last weekend, many Vancouverites – such as the…

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Lights at Lafarge: A Bit of Magic to Brighten December Skies

There’s a reason we have an abundance of greenery in Metro Vancouver. While there are hints of snow in next week’s forecast, it’s our rain that’s been on a lot of minds lately. As of three days ago, the official count was that…

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