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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Working the Malecón: Havana, Cuba

In Havana, you’ll find people clustered here and there on the Malecón night and day. You can walk or run along the gently curving seawall, as long as the waves don’t flood the surrounding neighbourhood, as they did a week or…

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On the Balcony: Faces of Cuba

On Havana’s Boulevard de San Rafael, as in much of the city, you’ll find yourself in the midst of colourful old buildings with magnificently high ceilings on each level. In fact, I’d guess that the ground floor ceiling of the…

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Little Girl With a Big Personality

It’s almost a couple of weeks since I returned from a first visit to Cuba, where anyone who loves photography is spoiled for options. You have the natural environment and colourful spectacles of cars as well as grand old buildings that are…

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Cloud Nine: Over the Florida Keys

When you fly, do you book an aisle seat? I know many people do – some in order to avoid a sense of claustrophobia, and others for the convenience of not needing to climb over others’ legs when you need…

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Night Skies Over Toronto

Flying in to Toronto late last month, the city’s lights were sparkling and the freeways were ribbons of glittering gold.

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Cruising Cuba’s Coastline

Who doesn’t love classic cars? I’m back from travels to Cuba, which began with a brief stay in Varadero. While there were a few modern cars such as this yellow one, more of them were of a much older vintage… ……

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