Truly Blue

Truly blue waters, that is, which make the twisting road to this view point more than worth it.

In addition to their remarkable colour, these waters also serve as inspiration for infinity pools: you have a seemingly unbroken expanse of blue ahead – so much so that one has empahy for earlier peoples’ belief that those travelling to the horizon were in danger of falling off the edge of the earth.

If you’ve had opportunity to enjoy waters as striking as these, you’ll understand that we consider ourselves fortunate to have experienced the beauty of Mallorca’s Cap de Formentor.  The Formentor Peninsula, at the  northern most tip of Mallorca, Spain is roughly a 13.5 kilometre / eight+ mile drive from Port de  Pollenca, and is situated just beyond the final stretch of the Sera de Tramuntana, which in 2011 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The road is winding, and to describe it as narrow in places is to practice the art of understatement; the trip is, however,  well worth the careful maneuvering. This image is only one of the multiple views from Mirador del Pass, where you are a stunning 350 meters above the Mediterranean Ocean. Carry on up an even narrower road after this view point, and then walk 200 meters, and you’ll have reached the pinnacle: a lighthouse, no longer in use, that was built in 1892. A look around the cliffs will reveal beauty at every turn, including Platja de Formentor, a beach (cala), wrapped around a stunning bay housing boats and weekends of which many may only dream.

3 Comments on “Truly Blue

  1. Absolutely breathe taking. Your writing is brilliant. Please do continue. Enjoying both equally.


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